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Perguntas - Hosts Fazem

Segue uma lista para vocês se prepararem para a entrevista com as Famílias.
Textos retirados dos sites aupairworld e aupairmom

Basic conditions of the au pair placement:
o    Why have you decided to become our au pair?
o    Have you ever been to our country before and if so, did you have the opportunity to learn more about our culture?
o    How long do you want to stay and when would you like to start?
o    What are your expectations concerning your stay as an au pair?
o    Are you willing to accompany us on our holiday and take care of our kids during this period of time?
o    Is your driving licence valid in our country?
o    Are you an experienced driver?
o    How often do you wish to travel home?
o    What are the things you wish to do and see in our country?
o    Would you help us with light housework?
o    Which kinds of meals could you prepare for our children?
o    Should you be a vegetarian, would you still be prepared to cook meat dishes for our children?

Childcare experience:
o    Do you like children and have you had any experience in childcare?
o    How old were the children you were taking care of?
o    Have you ever taken care of children for a longer period of time?
o    Have you worked as an au pair before?
o    Can you provide references for your childcare experience?

Daily routine with children:
o    Can you help the children with their homework?
o    Imagine you are given two hours to play with the kids. How would you keep them occupied?
o    How would you handle situations in which the children disobeyed you?

Personal questions for the au pair:
o    What are your favourite foods?
o    Do you have any allergies?
o    Do you feel comfortable taking on responsibility in a childcare situation?
o    How would you describe yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
o    What are your hobbies?
o    Is there anything important we need to know about you?
o    Do you smoke?
o    Do you wish to be fully integrated in our family's life or do you prefer to have more space and time for yourself?
o    Do your family and friends support your idea of becoming an au pair?
o    Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
o    If yes, will they be supportive during your stay as an au pair?
o    Do you think you will both be able to cope with the situation of being separated for a longer period of time?
o    Would you like your family/friends/partner to visit you while you are at our home?
If you have pets:
o    Do you like animals?
o    Are you prepared to take our dog for a walk/feed our cat, etc.?

If your au pair needs to enter your country on a visa:
o    Have you already applied for your visa? When could you arrive?
Furthermore, you should provide your au pair with sufficient information on your family and life. Thus, they will understand your daily routine. We wish to give you some more tips:
o    Draw up a work schedule for your au pair in which you define the most important aspects of the au pair stay, such as duties, dates and free time.
o    Discuss the exact working hours together with your au pair. How often are they expected to babysit for you? When will your au pair get the opportunity to take some time off and participate in a language course? When can they take their holidays?
o    Apart from the amount of pocket money, you should also clarify who will organise the language course and pay for it. 

ü  What values did you parents teach you as being most important in life?
ü  What three adjectives would your friends use to describe you?
ü  Do you have a boyfriend? How does he feel about your decision to become an AP? How do you think you’ll handle being away from him for a year?
ü  What kind of roads do you typically drive on?
ü  Do you have experience driving in heavy traffic?
ü  Do you own your own car?
ü  Do you drive often, how often?
ü  How long have you driven?
ü  Are you OK driving long distances to travel?
ü  What kind of cars have you driven?
ü  What is the furthest distance you have ever driven?
ü  What kind of bad weather have you driven in?  (snow? heavy rain?)
ü  Have you ever used a GPS?
ü  When you need to figure out how to drive to somewhere, how do you get directions?
ü  Have you ever gotten lost while driving? If so, what did you do?
ü  Have you ever been on a road trip with a friend?
ü  What is your best driving habit?
ü  What is your worst driving habit?
ü  How is driving at nighttime different from driving during the daytime?
ü  Are you close with your siblings?
ü  How did you hear about the program and who suggested that you become an aupair ?”
ü  Do you have relatives in the US?
ü  Is religion important to you?
ü  Are you a morning person? Are you able to start your day early?
ü  Do you have a housekeeper? Do you have duties at home? Please explain what your duties are
ü  Have you had a job before? Tell us about your job &; what you did. What where the challenges? What did you like? How long did you work there? Why did you quit?
ü  How do you handle conflict with your parents?
ü  How do you like to keep your room at home?
ü  If the baby is crying & hurt, the 3 & 4 year old are fighting & the doorbell rings – how would you handle that situation?
ü  What would you do if you were driving & the boys are fighting or takes off a seat belt?
ü  What is your biggest strength/weakness?
ü  What is your biggest concern or fear about becoming an au pair?
ü  Why do you want to come to the USA and what are your plans when you go back to your home country?
ü  Do you have a maid at home?
ü  The child you are looking after is just learning to walk. She is walking on a concrete sidewalk and falls forward and hits her head. Her head is cut and bleeding heavily. She is crying hysterically and is very upset because she is in pain and is scared. How do you handle this?
ü  Have you ever clipped a baby’s fingernails or toenails?
ü  What are your expectations for the home that you will live in as an au pair? Will you be uncomfortable if the home is not perfectly clean at all times?
ü  Have you had any prior lengthy illnesses?
ü  What age children do you prefer to take care of?
ü  How much sleep do you need to feel rested?
ü  How do you plan to spend your time when you’re not working?
ü  Do you know anyone in the US?
ü  What is your best and worst memory of your family life?
ü  What kind of role do you want to have with the children? A playmate? A teacher? A parent? How would you go about these roles?
ü  Do you want to be like a roommate or do you want to be like a member of the host family? A roommate socializes outside of the home most nights and weekend with friends. A member of the family eats dinner at home each night and spends time at home on the weekends and watches movies with the host family in the evening.
ü  How do you make friends?
ü  Do you enjoy playing with dogs and are you comfortable with them?
ü  How do you envision your day taking care of our daughter?
ü  What do you think is most exciting thing about coming to the US as an au pair?

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