domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

The Worst Weekend of my Whole life

I had the amazing idea to write this blog in English, but I figure out that my English is so suck! hahaha
Ok, I'm just trying! My English Classes Will start in May.

(I know my blog is too pink, but I was so tired of the green, and then the blue, I like the new one I did for my vacations.... Soon I'm gonna change!!!)

Actually have some time that I'm asking to myself "Why I continuous writting in this blog?", seems so "teenager", but you know what, in little time I will forget everything that is happing right now, the funny things, the weirds, the sad, everything, so I will continue doing this. Fuck who dont like =D

About my weekend in a kind desapointed.
Friday was weird, (my whole weekend was weird) I went to Renata's house and we went to White Plains buy her camera. We try go to Tarrytown just to see that guy (I'm feeling so stupid!!), but the place was closing so we stay outside for some minutes just to see the guy. I guess he could see us, because when we pass by him, he looked a kind scary. haha

Renata come sleep at my place and we spend a time talking and ...... ZzzZzZzZZz
We woke up, Emma come spend time with us, then We get ready, went to Bettina's house and decide to go to Tarrytown.
Omg! I never more come back there!!

I felt as Everybody that work there was looking to me.
The guy I thought was nice, started talk about us for other girl there, one of the waitress do not stop to look at us.
His father looked at me all the time!

Gezz, I swear, Never more I come back there!
I don't know why, but everybody was looking to us.

I'm feeling a kind desapointed, because if the guy dont want to see me there, Why he said "Come over to see me"?
I cant understand!
Why somebody do this if dont want it? Fuck you!
I think if I dont want something, is just say "i'm sorry, I'm not interested".
Is it so hard be honest?

I should have believed when the girl who works there told me that he was gay

Sunday was better.
We went to Mount Kisco, then Wp, then Scardale, Then Mount kisco then I drope everybody home.

So, no more news, at least no more in English. haha

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