sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2008

Quando a situacao vai longe demais.

Comeco meu post dizendo novamente "Nunca vi au pair que ama a familia mas que tem serios problemas com a Lcc".

O unico adjetivo que vem a minha mente nesse momento para ela eh "Mentirosa"!

O que sera que passa pela cabecinha dela?

Quem nao sabe do que stou falando pode ler e entender, clicando no link ao lado (confira aqui)

Depois de tudo aquilo ( e eu ja havia decido deixar esse assunto parado.) a pessoa manda um email para o meu host dizendo:

"hi jim, i'm well, thanks. hope you are too. I don't know why vivi is getting some emails and not others. as you can see by reading the addresses below, i emailed this and other notes to her regarding the april and other meetings.... because there is always a monthly meeting, and because she is in touch with the other au pairs, and has my contact info, she can be proactive as well and reach out to me if she has any questions. i'll be in touch and hope that we can solve this as well..... Thanks, Jim and have a great day. ellen sweeney

-----Original Message-----
From: *BITCH*
To: (nao vou colar os emails das outras au pairs, depois no print vcs podem ver meu email que foi modificado)
Sent: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 7:49 am
Subject: April's LCC meeting

I'm sorry for the confusion of changing our meeting from monday to sunday, for those of you that already had plans. i will try to give as much advanced notice for meetings as possible. sometimes things come up last minute, though, like our upcoming safety meeting. Our April meeting will be 10am, Tuesday April 22, Chappaqua truck day. It is during the day, during Spring Break. Who's family will not be around? I think it will be a great day to do something with your kids. I will get permission (or you can) from you host family..... Let me know if you're around over the break..... ellen"

Gente, essa pessoa acha que eu sou tapada!
Ela modificou esse email acima e eu tenho como provar (ai que delicia).
Quando fiquei sabendo dessa reuniao mandei um email pra ela perguntando maiores detalhes (email no qual nunca chegou a minha caixa de msg) para outras au pairs e la consta meu email errado!

A bicha eh tao descarada que nem se deu ao trabalho de mudar a hora e nem nada! haha

Vou colocar os prints aqui mais tarde, to trabalhando agora, mas precisava vir aqui e colocar isso pra fora!

Eu fiz um email bem mal educado pra ela, mas minha amiga Rachel me convenceu a ser mais calma e polite.

O email que eu fiz:
Ok, This situation has gone too far and I have to say that Im NOT happy with it. Definitely it's time to "sit down" and solve this problem. First off all, just to let you know Ellen, I have all the emais I've sent you saved in my email account. I can't prove that we talked in person, but I can prove with the emails. You know this is true. In second place, about being proactive: yes, I am proactive. and you know it because once again, I have more than 3 emails (about April's meeting) showing that you changed the E-mail you sended to my host father. (just in case you forgot, I'm talking about the one you sent him today and it is different from what you sent to others au pairs, same time, same message and diferent emails). Just as general knoledg: in my country when you make a copy of a document and you modify it on purpose claiming it is identical to the original is a CRIME. is it a crime in the US? I dont want a small problem going so far, but I have to say that this whole situation you put me in is not right. You lied both to my family and for our coordinator (I can prove it, do not forget it.) I just ask you to do your job (is so hard send the Monthly email? I mean, you do not have other kind of work with me and my family, so what is the matter?), because If I have to be calling every month to other au pairs or sending emails, It would be better for everybody I left the au pair position and become a Coordinator and do your job better than you do or maybe a new coordinator could come! Am I wrong? I hope that after this email, things are put in their proper places and I do not have to be doing something that YOU ARE PAID TO DO. I hope you have a great weekend.

Esse eh o email que a Rachel fez:

I'm very disapointted with what I read on your e-mail to Jim. Fortunatelly, I can prove you changed the e-mail, making me looking like a liar in front of my family. I have no intentions, for now, to take this problem to the headquarters, is enough for me that I showed the e-mails I sent to you to my family and THEY believed me. Nevertheless, maybe it's important for us to sit down and talk about it. If it was up to us (me, Jim, the whole family), we'd had another LCC, but that's not possible, so let's work things out. For now, just please include my e-mail on your list as I've constantly asked you to do, and let me know about the meetings. I think my job is to go on the meetings. Your job is to let me know about them. My family agree I have way too much work to do to go after finding out with the other au pairs when the next meeting is. I am proactive, MY FAMILY knows that. That's enough for me. sorry, my family AGREES

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