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You have a match! [15] Pleasantville, NY

Local: Pleasantville, NY
Cidades Proximas:
White Plains/ 10 minutes; NYC/ 1 hr./10 minutes

NameGenderDate of BirthChild's/Childrens' Age/s Upon Arrival
EmmaFemaleAug 1, 20052 yrs and 1 months
JonahMaleMar 26, 20070 yrs and 6 months

Fins de semana são offffffffff! Aleluia!!!

Eles me mandaram um email bem legal:

Hi Viviane,

Cultural Care has given us your application because we are looking for an au
pair for our children.

We are the Wein Family; Jim, Jenifer, Emma and Jonah.
We live in Pleasantville, New York.

Emma is our 2 year old daughter. She is very active and loves music, being
read to, dancing, going to the playground and swimming. She is a very
affectionate, sweet girl that will demand your attention.

Jonah, our son, is almost 5 months old. He has a big smile and loves to be

As both of our children are very young, we specifically asked Cultural Care
for an au pair with a lot of experience. You seem to have experience with
young children. Are you comfortable with taking care of 2 at the same time?

Jim works full time. Jenifer works part time. She will be available to help
you sometimes during the day.

In your application, you said that you had never been away from from home
and that you are very close to your parents. Will you be ok living in the
United States for a year? This is a long time to be away from home for the
first time. How do your parents feel about you coming here and being so far
away from them? Do they support your decision? We are particularly concerned
about this as our last au pair went home after only 1 month with us because
she was so homesick. We do not want to repeat that experience as it is very
difficult for the children.

We would like to speak to you on the phone. Is there a day and time that is
good for you. We think that you are 1 hour ahead of us. In other words, It
is 10pm in New York and 11pm in Sao Paulo.

Please let us know what is a good day and time for you and if you have
questions for us.


Jim & Jenifer Wein

(Pensei muito dessa vez... Pq sinceramente, estou com planos de ir só depois do Natal, estou extremamente irritada, chata, sem paciencia com tudo o que aconteceu, pode ate parecer frescura, mas isso desgasta a gente de uma forma muito chata, fico pensando se nao seria melhor escolher qualquer familia e ai vejo o tanto de menina chorando, em rematch, ai penso melhor e decido esperar...)

Eu respondi:

Good Evening Jim & Jenifer.

How are you?
Today I received in my cultural care page your family informations.
I loved the children ages because I can teach many things to the kids, and I will can follow the developing, I worked for a time in a childcare/kindergarden
(volunteer work), and was amazing when I teach something and the kid did the things alone!!!
I Don´t have problems watching 2 kids at the same time. I just need to know what are the preferred Emma´s games, toys, and activities, to plan a good routine for us, I need interactive the baby in the activities.
Will be good have some Jenifer´s help in the first week, she will can explain and teach me what the kids like to eat, what the kids enjoy to do. =)

I think that in the beginning I'll miss my family and my friends. But I know that I'll have my host family and I'll make many friends in USA too. And I'm sure that the Au Pair Program will be the better experience of my life! I'll learn a lot of things from my host family, from classes, from friends and from myself.

My family is very calm and they believe that it will be an excellent chance for my life. My mother, my father and my grandmom are helping me in everything with the trip. My mom will pay the Au Pair Program for me, and all my family know that to live in USA is my big dream! I always wanted to know the american culture! And one year passes very fast!

You can call me after 06:00pm, because I will have an appointment in the afternoon (dentist).

If you prefer, we can talk in skype or messenger.

Can't wait to hear from you!


3 comentários:

  1. Oi Vivi!
    Eu não sabia que vc é a Paola rsrsrsr!
    Eu sou a Naomi(comunidade AP) kkkk!
    E tb vou pela CC!!
    Obrigada por compartilhar tudo com a gente estou torcendo por vc e pela Zizy!
    Será que embarcaremos juntas ???????
    Bj aqui do Rio!

  2. Oi Vivi!
    Eu não sabia que vc é a Paola rsrsrsr!
    Eu sou a Naomi kkkk!
    E tb vou pela CC!!
    Obrigada por compartilhar tudo com a gente estou torcendo por vc e pela Zizy!
    Será que embarcaremos juntas ???????
    Bj aqui do Rio!

  3. Oi Naomi!
    Eu sou a Paola sim, hobby meio estranho esse não?! rs

    É bom dividir as emoçoes, assim sabemos o que anda acontecendo com os outros e podemos ver se o nosso processo esta correndo bem.

    Tomara que embarquemos (nossa, embarquemos é feio, mas tah valendo) yodas juntas, assim nos divertiremos horrores lá! rs

    Beijos e Obrigada


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