segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2007

You have a match [11] - West Chester, PA

Cara, entreguei nas maos de Deus!
É ele que vai escolher a familia! Ja ate pedi o sinal!

Cidade: West Chester, PA
2 kids - twins de 1 ano e 2 meses
Mae: Hairstylist

Right now our children are only 9 months old, we take them for swimming lessons, makin-music lessons, gymbore classes, we go to the shore every weekend in the summer, we go to the mountains in the winter, we spend alot of time with our families enjoying B.B.Q's, we spend alot of time with friends soializing, we like to fish and go crabbing, I love to garden, photography is a hobby of mine. We love to be active and social. The babies seem to love it too

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