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My Family

O melhor foi hj eu mostrando as fotos e falando "Essa é a minha familia"
Meu pai vira pra minha avo e pergunta "E nós, o que somos dela agora??" asuhsahusauh

Jim and Emma - Jonah
Jenifer, Emma and Jonah - Emma

Bom, como as pessoas semprem falam, tenha tudo em email.
A minha negociação foi 97% no telefone, e eu dei uma de louca depois perguntando se havia entendido tudo certo (Thank you pela dica Rachel).

Meu email:
Obs.: Ignorem os erros de ingles, okay?! haha!

Hello Jenifer and Jim

I´m really happy to talk with you on the fone.
Your family is so nice. Now I´m talking with some au pairs friends and telling about today.
Some of this friends, are looking for a family, and is so nice when somebody find a family.
Everybody comemorate togheter! It is so funny!!

I just want have sure, that I understood all correct about our conversation:
I will work 9 hours day and have weekends off
Curfew during the week at 11pm
Prepar Our meals
No japanese food (I´m joking)
My own bedrom, tv, cd player, computer, cel, bath shared with kids and for a time with you too.
A lot of fun with Emma and Jonah and all the family
Jonah like music to sleep? I ll prepar a cd just with babies music

I forgot ask some things.
Do you have pets? I have a Dashround! My dog is my treasure, so amazing!
Emma will start classes a few days in september, Will I need drive Emma to school? Can I use a car on my free time, or for go to classes?
And about the houseclean, what do you expect I do or you have a housecleaner?

I´m sorry for don´t ask this in the fone, but I was really excited and nervous and forgot!
I know that have somethings
I will earn with the time, as the confidence, and it is the most important thing in this relashionship.

Now I want tell about you for my parents and for my grandmom, but they are sleeping... =)
So, was so nice our conversation I´m waiting cultural care to send me your pictures. If you want send others will be nice too.
If you want see more pictures about me, my family, or ask anything, feel free to do it!



A Resposta deles:

Hi Viviane,

It was nice talking with you also. You did a great job at understanding and speaking English. Most days you will be working about 9 hours but I will be home for some of those hours and both kids still take naps so it is not like you have to be on all the time. Yes you will have weekends off, we may ask you to work a an occasional night when we have a special event. We do ask that you are home by 11 when you are watching the kids the next morning. The only meals you have to prepare are for Emma and that is usually just heating things up or making some pasta. Jim and I cook and we have things in the freezer for Emma to eat. I will also start making food for Jonah as soon as he starts eating. Yes you have your own room, tv, cell phone, cd player and will share the bathroom with the children and maybe us for a week or so. You will definitely have lots of fun with both the kids and they will keep you busy. Jonah doesn’t listen to music to sleep but both he and Emma listen most of the day in the background. They love it.

We do not have any pets, Jim really wants a dog but I am not ready for another new member of the family to take care of. Emma will be in school three days a week and you may have to take her or pick her up sometimes depending on my work schedule. You usually have access to the car when on your free time, and definitely for classes. We do not ask you to clean the house, we have sombody who comes to clean, but we do ask that you put things away after you use them just to keep the house tidy.

Jim will send pictures as I am not so great with the computer. We look forward to talking with you again real soon.

Foi meio que um tiro no escuro, mas espero que tudo saia bem, pois eles foram legais no telefone.

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