domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007

Mais da Familia de Ohio

Depois do pedido de desculpas e agradecimento pelo email, mandei um email perguntando:

Hi Andrea.

Do you really think it?
Tell why you change your mind about me.
The kids liked my email?

E ela respondeu:

Hi Vivi! I was just confused because I did not read your whole email especially the part about the children.
I like everything we've read about you. You sounded so nice and sweet on the phone.
Our favorite thing about you is how you have so much child experience you have.
Come on Vivi give us a chance! We know you would be happy here!
Let us know if you are interested.
We need a super aupair!
Sincerely, Andrea
Ps. You would have lots of friends because my sister in law has an aupair too! They have lots of other aupair friends you could get to know.

NOOOOSSA, fiquei em duvida!!!!

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  1. xiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... e agora??? desbloqueou om blog??? pq entri aqui em ribeirão e nem pediu senha nem nada...bjuuu falamos a noite


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