terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2007

Let´s Go

Eu marquei de conversar com a Lisa por telefone hoje a noite (Terça a noite na verdade).

A tarde estou aqui no pc, procurando familia no gap, e estava decidida a ligar na cultural care e pedir pra retirar o meu dossie da familia de OH... Meu cel toca, nossa olhei (Numero desconhecido), entrei em desespero e nao atendi.

O telefone de casa toca e... @#$$#%%¨&%¨&%*%*¨*&&

Minha reação foi ficar assim 0.0
Eu, alo, quem é??

Here is from Cultural Care ¬¬

Sinceramente, nao entendi nada do que o homem falava, so disse ok umas 10 vz e ele passou a ligação.

Fiquei tãããããõoooooo nervosa que nao entendia quase nada do que a mulher falava, mas entendi muito bem quando ela falou: Do you wanna come live with us in Ohio?

(caralho, nem pergunta nada e ja quer fechar?? e se eu fosse uma má pessoa?? Eu heim!)

Ai pedi pra ela pra gente conversar por email, pq eu estava nervosa demais e nao entendia.
Ela nao sabia procurar meu email no sistema.

Resumidamente: liguei na ef, expliquei, e pedi pra mandarem meu email pra eles. eles mandaram um email pra mim:

(Email em vermelho foi a familia de OH que me mandou, em roxo minhas respostas)

Hi Viviane!
It was nice to talk to you on the phone today! You sound like a very nice person.
We live in Ohio and have 3 children. A boy named JJ whom is 8. A girl named Tori whom is 6. And a baby boy, Andrew whom just turned 1.
They are sweet kids. They want to get an aupair who is very nice and friendly.
They like to laugh a lot and play.
Andrew is walking and is a blast to be with!
Would you feel comfortable watching 3 children? What kind of things would you do with them while you were watching them?
We have 1 dog named NIKE. He is very nice!
We are looking for someone who loves to be with kids and someone who is a nice, sweet, fun person.
Do you think you might be the one?
Tell us more about you and any questions that you have for us!
Can't wait to hear from you!
Sincerely, Andrea ******

Eu respondi: (Nem vem zoar meu ingles, eu sei que nao é bom)

Hi Andrea!!

I´m sorry for did not email you, but my office told me, they can´t give me your email, they just can send my email for you.

I liked talk with you too, I´m sorry for bad spelling, but I was very nervous, to be honest, when you call me, was a big surprise!!! =)

Ohio is a good city, i did a reserch about this city some weeks ago.
I think I and your kids can be great friends, because I like play a lot too.
I did a volunteer work in a day care some months ago. For me, that work was wonderful, because I could learn many activities, songs, games to do with small kids,
The age of your kids is great, I think J.J spend a time in school, right? And Tori, go to school too?

About the activities, I love paint, draw (I´m not good drawing, but I try),handcraf, for me is important teach the kids do this things to help develop the criative.
I need know what each kid like to do, for I develop activities to do with them.

As you told, you have a baby, I think the most part of the time, I will spend with the baby, I think that good acitivities to do with the baby are ready some books, outdoors actitivies, teach the baby speak (It, we will learn together, because I´m learning too). =)

Tell me, what your kids like to do? What the family like to do together?
What you expect from me?

I´m looking for a good family, I wanna have a great relashionship with my american family, I will treat your kids with a lot of love, and I´d like your family treat me like this.
I believe when The Family and The au pair are Sincerely, the relashionship could be great,
So, I wanna see your family, could you send me pictures and, when you expect the new au pairs arrives in your home?
I liked a lot talk with you in the phone, you seems a sweet person.
If you want, we can talk by messenger or skype.
I Have a web cam and you and the kids can see me.

I will wait your answer!

A lot of hugs for all.


Hi Vivi!

Great email! When can you come? Our last aupair was with Us for 3 months. She wasn't very nice and she ignored JJ and Tori. She only paid attention to the baby.
That's why we want someone who loves kids and will include all 3 so they don't feel left out.
They go to school during the day and come home at 3:00 and are ready to play!
They love to do any kinds of crafts, ie coloring, drawing, painting. They love to play games.the baby loves to sing and dance. They love to go outside and ride bikes and play on the jungle gym. They love to laugh! They are easy going.
Mark and I are also relaxed and Friendly.
We have a lot of extended family, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles that come over a lot so sometimes it is a little crazy. If you love people you will love our house. We will welcome you with open arms!
By the way, my sister in law lives down the street and she is getting an aupair from Brazil on Sept. 17 so you will have an instant close friend.
Will you be our aupair? (<<<<<<<<<<
Sincerely, Andrea!

Ja que era pra ser direta né, vamos ser diretas tambem =D

Olá Andrea.

I will avaliable to travel in September.
In this moment, I´m talking with other family from California, and I´m in doubt between your family and that, and Before decide, I wanna know the families better, is a big decision for me. =D

I´d like see pictures of your family and pictures of the house, the kitchen, rooms, bedrooms, if you could not send pictures of the house please describe this.

I have some questions to do:

I will need drive the older kids?

Could you Explain the light housekeeping duties in detail?
What is my work schedule?

Do you need me to cook?
Do I need to work any evening and weekend hours?
How do we arrange the vacation schedules?
Do you have someone for house cleaning? How often?
What are the rules for aupair to bring over friends such as other aupairs, parents?
Do you expect au pair to travel with you?

I´m gonna send some pictures for you.

The first picture are Fabricio and I.
The second is a pizza party at a Brazil Bank (I worked there)
And the last are my mom, my dad and I in my home.



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