segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2007

Eu Bati um Recorde! I m sorry!

Creio que bati um recorde!

(06/08/2007) extamente às 12:07 pm, recebi a notificação que havia uma nova familia com o meu dossie.

HOJE às 14:55
recebi a notificação que a familia havia fechado comigo!

Eu toda linda e bela me preparando para ir na dentista, quando meu cel toca...:

EU: Alo?
ELA: Oi viviane, aqui é a Bruna da CC, tudo bem?

EU:Tudo e voce??

ELA:Tudo, eu to ligando pra falar da sua data de embarque..
EU: Embarque?? Que embarque?? Não to sabendo de nada

Ela: Como assim?
EU: Tem uma familia com o meu dossie, mas nao me ligaram e nem mandaram email o.O
ELA: Nossa, vou ligar para Boston correndo!

Depois da ligação fui na extranet e pude verificar que seria a primeira au pair da familia.

Olha a letter da family:

Hello and greetings from Indianapolis, IN.
We hope this letter finds you well.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our family and look
forward to learning more about you.

Our family consists of Katherine, age 6 (7 in November), Christopher, age 4
(5 in September, and Lauren, age 3(just turned in April), and a our fourth
child due in October. My husband Mike is a partner in an IT Engineering
Services company. I am a stay at home mom but I also support my husbands
business from a back office function which requires about 20 hours a week,
so I always seem to have my hands full.
Mike and I have been married for seven years and are each other''s best friend. We have a very caring, playful and happy family and will welcome our au pair to be a part of that.
Our oldest daughter Katherine is going into first grade at a Catholic
School around the corner from our home. She attends school full time while
Christopher and Lauren attend a preschool program 3 days a week at a
Christian School just a few miles up the road. They all three have a
wonderful relationship with each other and seem to enjoy always being
They of course have their moments and will fight but they are
usually able to forget about it as quickly as it began. They are very much
anticipating the arrival of our second son who at this time is being
referred to as Baby Michael but that could always change. Katherine is
smart, sensitive and outgoing, friendly and loaded with personality.
Katherine loves to read and catches on to things very quickly. Lauren
loves to sing, play with her brother and sister and of course loves the
"girlie" things such as makeup and nail polish. Christopher is “ALL BOY”
he loves sports, riding bikes, climbing trees and best of all teasing his
sisters. All 3 of my children work better with structure and discipline.
Though it is sometimes difficult to be consistent, we do our best.
At this point in our lives we need the help of an au pair. I am pregnant
with my fourth child and with the responsibilities of the household,
children, and my husbands business I feel like I am skating though life and
not really enjoying it as much as I could because I am always thinking of
the next several things I need to do. Although I will be at home it is
important for you to know that three, almost four, children will be keeping
you busy. We really want you to love our children and to have patience. A
big part of your job will be playing with them and laughing at their jokes
even though they may not be funny. More importantly we are looking for you
to greet our children with a warm smile each day and to have more love in
your heart for them than you did the day before.
We are all very excited to have you gel into our family. We want you to
feel respected, comfortable and happy. We recognize that it must be
extremely difficult to leave your home and family and we will try to make
the transition as smooth as possible. We believe that open lines of
communication are very important. This is a new situation for all of us
and we will get through it together.

I look forward to chatting with you on the telephone and email.

Take care,

Mike, Amy, Katherine, Christopher and Lauren

Foto das Kids

**Em dezembro nasce um boy =D

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