sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2007

Estou REVOLTADA!!!!!

Estou revoltada, irritada, magoada!

Agora tenho certeza, de que nao era pra eu ir pra Ohio!
O sinal que recebi e a minha intuição nao me enganaram.

Mandei um email perguntando sobre a ex au pairs deles, ate aki tudo ok:
Ela respondeu como uma familia responderia

Hi Vivi!
Our last aupair was a dudd. She would never talk to us and her English was good. She never wanted to eat dnner with us or do family things together. She would go out every night when she was finished working and sleep at her boyfriends, even after we asked her not to. We don't think she liked children at all. It was all about her and her boyfriend. She was not a happy person and did not laugh a lot.
She couldn't prepare breakfast or lunch for my kids so most times they would not eat if I wasn't home. She would always read her book as soon as I would leave and not play with the children.
After 3 months of being with us, my baby Andrew would not go to her without crying. That was when we realized we needed someone new. We waited too long.
After talking with you, you seem so nice and full of energy!
We would love for you to come as soon as possible. I think your application said September 17?


Eu tive um trabalhinho pra bolar esse email, e encaixar essas perguntinhas para kids que estao no help au pair, por as respostas...

Hi Andrea

Omg! she sounds a irresponsable girl.
She was your first au pair or you had good experiencies with the program?!

So, If We do the match, probaly I will commemorate my birthday in NY or in your home, I don´t know yet if I will be in NY or in your home in September 17.

I doesn´t want to be a boring persont, but you could send some photo of my bedroom and the house? We are curious to know where I probaly go to live.

I prepar some question, JUST to start a friendship with the children, if you to judge this not necessary, no problems, don t need to show this to the kids, is just to make easy our relashionship.

Hello Tori, JJ (and Andrew too) =)
So, I thought it would be fun to find out a little bit more about one another, we can have a great family relationship!.

So, I created a questionnaire for us to complete. Sound fun? Here goes!

1-) Favorites foods?
I love Chocolate!!! Chocolate cake, ice cream, pizza, Italian food, french fries, coxinha, tapioca, pudim, brigadeiro (Brigadeiro is the best candie in the word!!!) These are typical Brazilian foods.
And fruits! I love fruits! Here in my country we have several kinds of fruits and my favorite ones are: Fruta do conde, banana, orange, coconut, mace, watermelon, strawberry

2-) Favorite music?
American, spanish, arab, french... I love music!

3-) Favorite colors?
My favorit colors are white, pink and green

4-) Favorite season of the year?
I love winter (here the winter is very different than your)
And I like the summer too, i like go to the beach in summer.

5-) Things to do?
I like to talk, to play,to read, to learn new things.. many things...

6-) What do you want be when you grow up?
I have just gronw up... but I'm thinking of what I will be when return to brasil... Maybe interpret or teacher, maybe a Secretary..
When I back to Brazil I decide =^.^=

7-) Pets? Favorite animal?
I love pets, a lot! Pets are my passion!
I have a DACHSHUND dog and a siames cat.

8-) What are your favorite movies?
The Chronicles of Nárnia the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ( I love Lucy)
Harry potter (love, love, love)
Cartoons, terror, comedies... Have many....

9- What are your favorite books?
I liked a lot of books I readed in the school. Now I´m reading the New book of harry potter =)

10-) Things you have to do before you die?
Start a new course in university, pay a amazing trip to my parents, know some countries, parks and historic citys around the word ( in Germany have a amazing rollercoaster), speak more than 5 languages, I´m a Dreamer!!!

11-) Favorite sports to watch? And to play?
I love watch Pantry of the world (Copa do mundo), volleyball games, I hope I can know some american sports, I already watched a baseball game on TV, but I don't understand the rules of the game and what the players have to do. In Brazil this game is not popular .
When I was in the school, my favorites games are handball, basket and volley. I was the best playing handball. I liked skids, bicicle.. I acecpt try new things.

12-) Favorite cartoons when you were a child? (I know, you still are children..hehehe)
These are OLD ones: Snoopy, Doug, Sailor moon, Sheera, Muppet Babies, The Jetsons, The Flintstones and Scooby doo. Powerpuff girls, I like watch cartoonnet work sometimes

Well, I guess that is enough for now. 12 questions. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. I have loved hearing from you and I hope to hear from you again soon. Feel free to write to me anytime.

It is time to say good-bye for now, dear family. Lots of love to all of you and I hope that your time until I talk to you (or write).

Love always,



Ai estou no msn conversando com a Rach e recebo isso:

You ask too many questions about the house and not about my children. You should definetly go with the California family
Good luck!


Fiquei FURIOSA! DEvia ter falado que achei que eles tinham jeito de loucos e nao queria ir pra lá, agora é capaz deles me fuderem com isso!

Bando de doido!

Mas pra nao ficar tão mal, mandei outro email e amanha ja estou ligando na agencia!
Aff que odio!!!!

Aqui o outro email que eu mandei:

To be honest, I cant understend you.

When We started conversation, I asked about your kids and all the time you gave shorts answer.
I prepared a big letter to the kids, to know them better and you said to me I dont care for the kids?

All that questions are to know your kids and you say it for me??
Did you receive the question for the kids??

did you at least finished reading my last email? have at least seen my questions about foods, music, colors, season, things to do, future, pets, movies, books, sports, tv... all of them for the kids??

It´s amazing!

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