sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2007

Estou rindo a toa!!! ausauhsuha [Atualizado]

Como diria minha amiga Raquel: Adoro ver gente ruim tendo que pedir desculpas!!

Depois daquele estresse todo, olha o que eu recebi:

Vivi, I am so sorry! I did not read the rest of your email. I just did now and wow! You are amazing! That must have taken you a long time to create! Thank you!
I will sit down with the kids today and send you all of the answers to your questions. I never would have said don't come to is if I saw that. As for the picture of your bedroom I think there is a picture in our file. Check it is a nice size bedroom. The walls are a light green and the bed is white. The bed spread is lavender. There is a computer and phone in there also. Right outside of your room is a big aceen TV. You would be staying in the lower floor of our house. You have tons of room. A huge bathroom with a stand up shower. If you like to exercise there is a workout room right next to your room. There is also a bar with a TV and a large seating room where you could hang out with you friends! I'll type you back later with your answers. What is your dog's name? Talk to you soon! Sorry for the confusion last night! Andrea! Our kids love pizza!

Como sou uma pessoa muito, mas muito educada, respondi:


It’s ok, mistakes happen, and who never made one?

Honestly, I just asked about my own room because it is a silly curiosity, and the agency recommends us to ask questions like that.
I am not seeking for a rich family, or a fancy house, but a family who will treat me as a member, who respects me and if I have any problem, or question, feel comfortable to talk and solve any possible issues with dialogue, things that mature people do.

I totally understand you point of view, you definetly need someone who is interested in your children, the good things they can learn with the au pair, the good experiences, and not exclusively for your house.
I also understand after the bad time you had with your ex-au pair you probably are more criterious in finding a person who will take care of your children with love and dedication.

I imagine the relationship between au pair x family is complicated, because you need to trust 100% in someone that you barely know, and believe this person will do the job with caring.
I wish with all my heart you can find someone really special, who love your children like siblings, and make that year the best one ever.

Best Regards


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