segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2007

Não sei Explicar =/

Nossa, eu não sei explicar o que se passa comigo.
Nunca achei que escolher familia fosse tão confuso.

Hoje esperei a familia de Ohio ligar e nada ¬¬
Só nao xinguei, pq esta chovendo muito e passei a tarde dormindo. hihihih

Acordei, assisti a novela e vim ver meu email:

Good news from Cultural Care Au Pair
Dear Viviane,

Greetings from the USA! We are happy to let you know that the ******* family in KY would like to welcome you into their home as their au pair. They enjoyed reading your application and talking with you on the phone. We hope you are as excited as they are! We suggest you log in to your personal web account to read more about the family as their application is displayed there now, as well as any photos we have received so far. See below for more information.

Your host family is expecting for you to arrive at our au pair school in New York on September 4, 2007 and to their home on September 8, 2007. We are working on your flight ticket to fly from Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport. If this is incorrect, or if you have concerns about these dates, or about the family, we ask that you contact us immediately.

Please contact 0800 707 9353 or ************* to confirm your placement immediately. If you have to change the date or the gateway once the flight ticket is booked, you will have to pay change fees so it is important that you call the office today or tomorrow at the latest. If you cannot reach them, feel free to email our Boston office at ************ - remember to write in English.

Important about your visa!
The most important thing right now is that you apply for your visa at the US Embassy. Your local office will send you all the necessary forms and will let you know what you need to do. It is important that you fill out the documents as soon as you receive them to avoid any delays, and to make sure you have a visa appointment well in advance of your departure date.

We are looking forward to your arrival in the U.S., and wish you all the best for the year ahead! Your host family is looking forward to seeing you - especially the children!

See you soon!

Best regards,
Cultural Care Au Pair

Porra, nem esperaram!!!!!
Eu queria ter certeza dos Triplets antes!

Liguei na Ef, e amanha a Brunca Resolve.
Se eu nao fechar com a dos Triplets, espero outra!


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