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As casas * E os e-mails

Hoje mandei e-mail para as duas familias, pedindo fotos da casa e do quarto da au pair

Familia dos Trigemeos

A familia de Kentuchy voltou atras (ja falei isso 10 vz hj, eu
Então eu resolvi apressar as coisas com a familia dos triplos e mandei um email pra ela hoje:

Mrs Helene.

I´m sorry, I need be fast now, I don´t wanna hurry your decision,but have other family waiting for a answer and I´d like talk with you before decide.
I have some questions for you:

What the kids like to do?
What do they usually eat?
Am I be supposed to make dinner?
About your city Is it near a big city or capital? Which one?
Do you have pets?
What about the aupair´s bedroom, what part of the house is the bedroom located?
Are there any other aupairs in the area? *
Will I have time to study? What time?
What will be my curfew? What time can I get home during the week and on the weekends?
Will I have permission to use the car
What will be my schedule?

And the last, could send me pictures of the house, the au pair room and talk about your city?

I´m sorry if a did many questions, but I´d like to know more about your family before take the decision.
Your pictures in the web site could show me an amazing family.
You have many kids, but I think it can be a great experience.

Thank you for patience and interest


Esperei o dia todo, e a noite veio a resposta:

Vivi- here are your questions and answers.... also some photos from tonight when we went to a concert of the Columbus Symphony in the Park- and picnic dinner. The music was wonderful and we had such a nice time

What the kids like to do?

They [play in our baby proofed play room in the morning- read stories and watch one show, Dora the Explorer. They go for a walk if the weather is nice outside- there are many parks in our neighborhood and a pond with ducks across the street. One day a week they attend a music concert (Wednesday) and have lunch at a restaurant nearby. As you can see in the photos on our webpage they are very active and like to be outdoors

What do they usually eat?

Our triplets eat just about anything- they love fresh fruits and vegetables, pasta, and many types of ethnic foods- Chinese, Italian and pizza of course! For lunch there is always something they can have that is already prepared- our current aupair just serves them the meal, and something for snack time- like crackers, fruit, a frozen treat, or yogurt. Our family eats a variety of food also, and we enjoy going out a few times a week as a group.

Am I be supposed to make dinner?

Maybe one or two times a month there would be a time when I was not home, but on those nights we have food delivered or I make it before I leave the house. You would NOT have to cook dinner.

About your city Is it near a big city or capital? Which one?

Columbus is the capital and it is a major city with an International airport- Here are some links to learn more about our city of New Albany- which is part of Columbus
Here are some links to learn more about our city- we live in a suburban area (New Albany, Ohio) outside of Columbus, Ohio- we have four seasons- Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, it is a nice climate with both hot and cold months.
There are many parks and museums here too- we have the University of Ohio which has excellent sports teams.
Here are some photos too! These are different times of the year at our home

Click here to see what the town has to offer:

Do you have pets?
We had a dog, but she died last month after 15 years

What about the aupair´s bedroom, what part of the house is the bedroom located?

Our Aupair has the only room on the main level, with a private bathroom- it is a large bedroom with big windows and library style bookshelves. It has a big screen (45") Color television with satellite digital cable- MTV<>

Are there any other aupairs in the area? *

There are lots of au pairs in our area, our LCC has monthly gatherings and parties and we allow our aupair to entertain in our home as long as it is planned in advance. We have met many girls from South Africa, Columbia. Brazil, Ukraine and other countries because Yolanda has made so many friends here.

Will I have time to study? What time?

You can study during nap time (12:30-3:30 each afternoon) or after the triplets go to bed at 7:30 p.m- if there is a special test or project that requires extra time, just let us know and we can make arrangements.

What will be my curfew? What time can I get home during the week

So far we have not established a curfew for Yolanda- we just ask that she use good judgement when she goes out and as long as she is safe, we do not have a curfew for her- it has been almost a year and it is never a problem because we trust and respect her decisions- she is an adult
and on the weekends?

Will I have permission to use the car

Yes, we have a family car that can be used on your time off- also, our older daughter drives and can help with transportation if necessary

What will be my schedule?

It will be very flexible with a during the week schedule that is pretty much the same everyday-
9:00 a.m. Help get the triplets dressed for school, play time and reading
11:30- lunch
12:30 -3:30 naptime
3:30-6:00 playtime- attend sports for the older kids, go out for errands and playdates
6:30 or so- Dinner with the family
7:15 Bath time- stories and Pajamas
7:30 Bed time
I will call you tomorrow from my office so it I can give you my undivided attention. Have a great evening!

Na familia de Kentuchy, o quarto da au pair esta sendo construido.
Aqui estão as fotos

Aonde tem estrelinhas, é o quarto da au pair - Em construção
Vou colar o e-mail que recebi dela hoje


Here are the pictures. They include the deck plus backyard, the front of
the house, the kitchen table, the kitchen main area and the au pair room.
The other rooms on the first floor are a formal dining room, a formal living
room, and a family room. The second floor has 4 bedrooms with an additional
large room where we have all our desks. These two floors together are about
300 square meters.

The au pair room is in the basement and is currently under construction.
The basement is a walk out basement which means its at the level of the
backyard. Thus, if you look at the house from the front you see two
stories. But if you look at it from the back, you see three.

The entire basement is about 140 square meters and will have a small kitchen
area (refrigerator, sink, and microwave), a large living area (couches and
TV plus games like ping-pong, table football), a brick chemney for fires,
your bedroom, and a bathroom.

Your room is about 15 square meters and leads into the bathroom through one
door and into the main living area through another. Your bedroom has a
window plus a French door (double doors with a large glass area) so there
will lots of light. Additionally, there is also a French door into the main
living area, also from the backyard. All areas will be in tile. We had an
au pair in Canada that worked out really well since she had an large area
that she could "escape" to. This is how we designed the basement. The work
will be finished by mid-August at the latest and we will send you updated
photos as the work advances.

Let us know if you have any other questions.



Não sei se acontece com voces, mas quando estou extremamente ansiosa, a minha menstruação atrasa radicalmente!

Eu passei a semana sentindo colicas e nada.
Hoje depois que estava calma, relaxada com a primeira ligação, e-mails, novo match, a belezinha desceu!
Nossa, não ia aguentar ficar com essa colica a toa nao!

Haha, tudo haver com o topico, mas....

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